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Boasting over 25 years in the business, we offer practical and affordable equipment and chemicals to every client at wholesale prices. We keep a wide range of equipment, for instances we have at least 17 different types of pool cleaners to suit any pool or problem. We are the sole importers of the ever popular surface skimmer, the Pool Gator. We have the latest and innovative type eco pumps for you to have a look at as well as a wide variety of different chlorinators ranging in output size. We have an extensive range of chemicals for your pool and spa as well as the latest type of pool testing. There is something at our shop for the whole family, even the kids, as we have a lovely range of toys. Pop in for a browse and meet our friendly staff.

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New pool and spa owners

Macro Distributors has the know-how to have you enjoying your new pool, or spa in no time. We have all the start up chemicals and equipment to set you up for your swimming season. We also do training sessions at your home teaching you how and what to do to keep your pool in tip top condition. Not only do we have free water testing at our shop, but our experienced staff would be willing to also explain how your equipment works and why you need certain chemicals. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal, offering personalised service and customised solutions. We pride ourselves in giving honest information in order to run your pool as cheap as possible.

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Relieving you of the hard work that comes with swimming pool ownership, Macro Distributors offer the most complete pool repair and maintenance services and products in Ashmore. From filters, pumps and chlorinators to chemicals, cleaners and pool toys, we have the lot to keep your pool or spa in top condition. 

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Hands-on service

The staff at Macro Distributors understand what your pool needs to have a long life and have the know-how to keep it going. We offer peace of mind, leaving you and your loved ones to enjoy your swimming pool. If you're new to owning a pool or spa, we can provide free water testing and talk you through the right chemicals and products you need. If you'd rather let someone else take care of all that, no problem! Just give us a call and we'll do the rest.