Viron eVo Pump Range of energy saving pumps.

AstralPool, the leader in energy efficient pumps releases the next evolution in energy efficient pumps.

Every swimming pool is different in shape, depth, location, amenity and have different demands for filtration flow rates.

The Viron eVo range of pumps incorporate infinitely variable speed control to perfectly match the filtration needs of every pool. Maximum energy savings should not be achieved at the cost of inferior filtration and sanitisation. Two or three speed pumps are limited in their adaptability to suit all swimming pool applications and circumstances. AstralPool's new range of Viron eVo Pumps enable the perfect match of flow rate and maximum energy savings to enable you to start saving and having the cleanest and safest possible water clarity.

That is why, Viron eVo Pumps are only available through professional pool shops, builders and mobile service vans who are trained in the correct installation and set up to achieve the maximum energy saving while maintaining the best possible filtration performance.

A conventional 1.5hp pump can cost around $2.50 per day to operate. That's around $900.00 a year and more than $7,000 over the life of an average pump.

The Viron eVo pumps will cost as little as 23 cents a day to operate. Over a year this means your costs are less than $100 - a saving of $800 a year or $8,000 over the life of the pump.

We don't know of any other appliance that gives such a significant return on investment.

Other benefits are the ultra low noise levels produced by the pump when correctly set up and the extended life of all other pool equipment provided by the lower flow rate of the Viron eVo pumps during normal filtration operation.

Your professional AstralPool dealer will install and set the pump speed so that you can gain the best possible water clarity and maximum energy savings.

For the technically minded:

The highlighted yellow row in the table represents the total number of litres pumped per watt of energy used.    Each Viron eVo pump is tested at factory preset speeds but each speed, (low, medium and high) can be changed to suit your individual swimming pool application.

For purposes of comparison, the Viron P280 eVo has a similar flow rate on maximum speed to the AstralPool single speed CTX 280, the Viron P300 eVo on maximum speed compares closely with the BX 1.0hp, and the Viron P600 eVo on maximum speed compares closely with the BX 2.0hp single speed pump.
Total Head represents the total friction losses of both inlet pipe to the pump and return to pool plumbing, fittings and equipment.   Note how the pump efficiency measured in litres per watt dramatically improves on lower speeds.


  Viron P280 Pump Viron P300 Pump Viron P600 Pump Single Speed Pumps
  Low Med High Low Med High Low Med High CTX 280 BX 1.0 BX 2.0
Power Input (watts) 153.1 661.1 1086.4 149.4 384.2 1047.2 147.5 587.1 1582.1 1094.8 1130.4 1909.9
Current (amps) 1.2 4.6 7.7 1.2 2.8 7.2 0.9 2.9 7.6 4.9 5.2 8.7
Flow Rate (lpm) 121.0 212.0 252.0 121.0 178.0 256.0 122.0 216.0 307.0 244.0 245.0 314.0
Efficiency (litres per watt) 47.4 19.2 13.9 48.6 27.8 14.7 49.6 22.1 11.6 13.4 13.0 9.9
Power Factor 0.54 0.63 0.62 0.54 0.60 0.64 0.73 0.89 0.91 0.97 0.95 0.96
Total Head (m) 2.6 8.1 11.4 2.6 5.7 11.8 2.7 8.4 16.9 10.7 10.8 17.8


The Viron eVo range of pumps is made up of three different models.


Hurlcon P280 eVo Pump

Hurlcon P300 eVo Pump                                            Contact us for prices

Hurlcon P600 eVo Pump


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Hurlcon CTX Pumps






                                                                                    Flow Rate       Full Load

Model       Volts      Phase    Input Watts   Horse Power     Max at 8m/h    AMPS

CTX 180     240       Single           840           0.75               180  lpm          3.6

CTX 280     240       Single         1070           1.00                280 lpm          4.5

CTX 360     240       Single         1140           1.25                360 lpm          4.75            

CTX 400     240       Single         1650           1.50                400 lpm          7.2

CTX 500     240       Single         1900           2.00                500 lpm          8.3

CTX 610     240       Single         2400           3.00                610 lpm         13.5


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The AstralPool CTX pump has been designed to comfortably meet the needs and pressures required by your swimming pool and spa equipment. Made from high quality materials and components the CTX is designed to produce greater efficiency and reduce noise levels. Suitable for in-floor cleaning systems, spa jets and other demanding applications the CTX will provide a high performance and reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in six different sizes to meet your application
  • Incorporates a large lint pot requiring less maintenance
  • Connects with the Genus controller system
  • Reduced operating noise
  • Made from quality components


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Not all swimming pools and spas require high performance pumps. Many smaller pools and older pools place less stress on their various components. AstralPool have developed the E-Series Pool and Spa pump for these applications.

Designed with AstralPool's robust and reliability the E-Series pump is suitable for pools and spas up to 60,000 litres. Developed with superior components, energy efficient, requires minimal maintenance and quiet to run the E-Series pump may meet the requirements of your pool.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in three different sizes
  • Made form quality and durable components
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Requires less maintenance